Kirino Yuu is the NPC created by Akira Oono of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


A 22 years old woman with artistic-like beauty that wears a lab coat. Yuu Is beautiful woman, long straight black hair and great proportions, it could be said that she is the ideal figure of a woman.


A woman cold like ice, Yuu is truly sadistic and cruel, she seeks knowledge about the body by cutting and dissecting all that fall into her hands. She got popularity from a number of masochistic players in the game.

Yuu is a prodigy doctor and a scientist. She has a sadistic personality and the hobby of ‘clarifying the mysteries of the body’, as well as spitting out philosophy, and repeatedly doing many human experiments.

In the end, she has led more than 800 patients to their death, and is the type of woman that would be sentenced to death if she were to be placed in a court of ethic. 

After being summoned by Hakuto Kunai, Isami Tahara notes that she seems less sadistic and has started moving past her preferences for little boys. She is more loyal to Hakuto then she was in the game, completely devoting herself to him and developing feelings for him. 


Yuu was created by Akira Oono to serve as a boss in the Nightless Castle fortress. Akira created her background story to be a scientist, sensual, sadistic and shotacon.


Yuu is a brilliant scientist and a doctor with supernatural abilities thanks to her God Hand. In combat she uses grenades to cover a large area under destruction, her advantage of being able to use an infinite number of grenades makes her a frightening enemy.


Level 1

Health 6,000/6,000

Vitality: 600/600 

Attack: 40(+50)

Defense: 40(+25)

Speed: 40

Magic Power: 0

Magic Defense: 0(+20)

Abilities and Powers

Attribute Skill

  • First Skill
  • Second and Third Skill
  • First Skill: Bomb Knowledge
  • Second Skill: Scatter
  • Third Skill: Chain Explosion

Battle Skill

Bullseye; Instinct; Pleasure in Battle; Hunter; Merciless; Iron Woman; Prudent; Foresight; Revenge.

Limit Break; Forced Breakthrough.

Survival Skill

Information Manipulation; Recovery; Sadistic Charm; Two-Faced; Prodigy; Studious; Medical Science; Cause and Effect; Record Alteration.

Special Ability

  • God Hand: This ability ‘can exterminate all kind of illnesses and cure wounds’, which cannot be described as anything but a cheat.
  • The Reality of Infinite Birth and 90% Oblivion: This is a special hell ability that has a 10% chances of increasing attack, defend, and agile +2 when she is attacked.



Weapon: Grenade.
It deals explosion damage in a wide range.
Because of how the skill works, when she uses this, it creates frightening results. 
Number of uses: Infinite.

Armor: Lab Coat for Women.
It looks like thin cloth, but its effectiveness is high.
It also has the effect of blocking all types of abnormal status effects.
Durability: Infinite.


  • In the new world Yuu developed a gardening hobby, Yuu will create beautiful flowers that grow by drinking human blood directly from the source.
  • Yuu is implied to be a shotacon.
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