Yukikaze is an Adventurer of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


Yukikaze has a very attractive female face, and dresses in women's clothing, even though he is a man, many adventurers fell in love with him.


Very perverted, even in the worst situations he keeps talking and acting perverted and making sexual innuendo.



A four star B rank adventurer. One of the few mages in this world who have awakened their magic talent at a young age. Can use fourth tier magic, and already approaching the fifth tier. Depending on gender, Yukikaze might have even been a candidate for Holy Maiden.


Level: 13

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?
Speed: ?
Magic Power: 23 (+15)
Magic Defense: 15 (+15)

Abilities and Powers

  • Sweetheart of Snow, Snow Kiss: Creates a Magic Barrier.
  • Hand of Ice, Ice Hand: Creates a Hand out of Ice.
  • Ice Splash:


Weapon: Snow Valentine.

A staff that increases the effectiveness of ice magic. It is embedded with an unmelting ice called Snow Crystal, and a dwarf, who are said to rarely make equipment for humans, had taken a liking to Yukikaze and made it. It is no doubt an upper high-end weapon

Armor: Black Wind and Black Santa.

Armor that was made by a skilled dwarf with the clothes of a Mid Devil called Black Santa as the base.
It increases the defense to magic in all areas. This is also an upper high-end equipment.


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