Utopia is a superior demon and satanist leader of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


He usually sells black Cassock, and covers his face with Hood. Your face is never visible even among Satanists.


Utopia is cold and arrogant, seeing everyone around him only as either useful or useless tools. He has no concern for his subordinates. often giving orders to fight to the death or sending them on suicide missions.

Utopia has a strong hatred for dragons, because they claim to be neutral but always taking actions that harm demons, he is also very prejudiced as he despised Tron for only being half demon.

Utopia also shows violent behavior when his plans do not go as expected, as when Zero thwarted his attack on the holy castle.


Taking advantage of the hatred and resentment of poor people living in misery to give a luxury life to the noble and rich of Holy Light country. Utopia founded the Satanist cult that aims to overthrow the government and create a new country that respects its population and that everyone has basic needs.

But this is all a lie, for him the cult members are nothing but sheep that he guides to the slaughter.



Level: ?

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?
Speed: ?
Magic Power: ?
Magic Defense: ?



  • Utopia means; ideal place or state of complete happiness and harmony among individuals.
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