Satanist cult is a religious and terrorist organization that opposes the worship of angels in the Holy Light Country.


Holy Light Country, despite its classism and internal conflicts, had remained intact through the worship of the historical Angel. That being said, there was a group far off from the national ideology. Not hedonistic bandits or robbers, but worshippers of beings opposite to angels. They were Satanists, worshippers of devils.

At first, the Satanists had only the modest demand for wealth redistribution. Over time, though, they had turned to call for the abolishment of nobles, and even accusing the Angels for creating the nation’s classism in the first place. The truth was, the Wise Angel had nothing to do with nobles or classism. The Angels itself had vanished after fighting the King of Devils. Many of those who fought alongside the Wise Angel at the time had obtained positions of power, later becoming nobles. The Satanists, though, didn’t care at all about the historical facts or their accuracies. The now, and their end, was all they lived for.

At some point, someone called Utopia had appeared before them. Ever since, the Satanists grew more and more aggressive. Finally, they had started worshipping devils in opposition of the angels, and performing random terror attacks throughout the country, before finally attempting to summon the Demon Lord.


  • Utopia: Supreme leader of the organization.
  • Walking: One of the leaders and one of the closest to Utopia.
  • Marge: Led an attack on the capital HUERT and died while summoning a medium demon.



  • Around chapter 170 of the web novel, most of the organization's members were killed by Kaal, one of Mary's subordinates, and the organization was in his control.
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