Nomura Takefumi is the NPC created by Akira Oono of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.



A bitter man who doesn't like to socialize.


Nomura Takefumi was created by Akira Oono to serve as a boss in the Nightless Castle fortress.

He is a guy that fell in love, not with a Divine Person(born in Grand Empire), but with a woman from a vassal country, and pushed the marriage even with the opposition of his surroundings.

He also shook his head at the higher ups who tried to convince him, and finally, a part of the group that had their pride crushed went on a rampage; accusing Nomura of drugs, fixed games, threatening, and many other false accusations every day, he ended up being banished from the martial arts world.

After that, he wandered to other countries with his wife, but the people that had a grudge with the Grand Empire killed her wife, and within disappointment and despair, he cut contact with everyone.

Several years after, he passed his days as a corrupted hero, a fallen heel, in the underground martial arts stage where he punched people to death, but he got scouted by Kunai and entered the committee.

Since the time he lost his wife, he rarely spoke, and he wouldn’t converse.


The Old pride of the Grand Empire, the undefeated and invincible martial arts champion. You could say he is a world level infamous guy. His strength was far from his prime, and his past glory was already lost. 

If he were to get back the strength from his prime time, he would be the strongest of the created close-aides. However, the key to awaken that is…sadly, lost already. 


Level ?

Health: ?

Vitality: ?

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Speed: ?

Magic Power: ?

Magic Defense: ?

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