Mink is a Adventurer S rank of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


Mink is a beautiful woman with large breasts, dressed in priestess clothes. The clothes Mink is wearing were overflowing with holy power and could be said to be the prime example of a priest. A low rank Devil would find it hard to even approach her. 

But what stands out the most is her chest. It is so big that it felt as if it would burst out from her clothes, her beautiful countenance and big breasts would naturally draw the eyes of men.


Mink is very energetic and always ready to buy a fight. Mink had the illness called eighth-grade syndrome (Chuunibyou). Despite being a priest who uses the power of light to purify and heal, her spell chants have macabre phrases that are not expected of a priest. Mink is a world celebrity, a Star Player. There’s adventurers who have been drawn in by her chants and poses, and have even begun to imitate her.



Mink is an adventurer S rank known worldwide, her was able to fight a superior demon, and her healing magic is greatly valued.


Level: 22

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: 21(+18)
Defense: 17(+18)
Speed: 22
Magic Power: 18(+10 +12)
Magic Defense: 18(+10)


The Cross Star Staff, Twinkle.

Deals damage to evil existences just by touching them. This is also a unique weapon.


[Holy Rain]: The rain that is filled with divine power.

Incantation: “My unfathomable darkness, rain grief upon this insolents! !”

[Bubble Cure]: A healing spell

Incantation: “Kuku, humans are truly brittle. !”


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