Katou Masaru is the NPC created by Akira Oono of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


In his free time, he would do muscle training and tempering himself. 


His personality is simple, and he is the very definition of muscle-brained. He is the type that moves his hand first before his mouth. Because he doesn’t consider strength and standing at all, he speaks informally to everyone and takes a condescending attitude, he has faced pain due to this several tens of times, but he doesn’t reflect on it -cause his brain doesn’t have space enough to process that.

He has no interest in anything aside from getting stronger. Doesn’t need money, doesn’t need women; fighting the strong is his only way of living -a sword fighting idiot.


Katou Masaru was created by Akira Oono to serve as a boss in the Nightless Castle fortress.


A double sword user that wields two god katanas. His strength is still rough in the edges, but he is still in the middle of his growth, so his future prospects are bright.


Level ?

Health: ?

Vitality: ?

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Speed: ?

Magic Power: ?

Magic Defense: ?

Abilities and Powers


Two God Katanas.


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