Luna Magic
Magic is a form of skill used by some New World people, those who can use magic are rare, and live a comfortable life. Magic is a power that did not exist in Infinite Game. Those originals of this world have no magic resistance.


Magic controls what is defined as ‘elements’ in this world, and activates it.

The four basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. The uncommon that are: Light and Dark. For a total of six.

Among those there’s the higher elements that only people who have overcome the wall are able to use. 
The talented ones can combine elements, and there’s even those who are able to control those combined elements.

Depending on the amount of letters in the spell’s name, there’s the first to tenth tier magic, but even the out of bounds Devil King had a limit of sixth tier magic.

By the way, Luna used ‘gold’. The higher version of the light element is holy element. The ‘gold’ that she utilizes is separate from light, and you could even call the element an original one.

Users of Wild Magic

False Magic

Original Infinity Game people and objects can create effects that are mistaken for magic, but they aren't necessarily magic.

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