Kondou Yuuya is the NPC created by Oono Akira of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


He has a cute face, but he is someone you must not get close to at all cost. The female Players would go ‘Kondou-kyun is cute, so I won’t attack him’, so in a lot of meanings, he is a character with many benefits.


His personality is narrow-minded, scaredy-cat, and a shut-in. He is extremely shy towards others, so he practically doesn’t talk or get in contact with anyone aside from the young group side of the close-aides. If you leave him alone, he is harmless, so even with the uncountable battles in the Nightless Castle, there were many who would just ignore him. And fact is that he rarely went out of his room at the Nightless Castle. Anime, light novels, manga, games…even his soul had been rotten by 2D and has an extreme personality of not having any interest at all in the 3d world.


Kondou Yuuya was created by Oono Akira to serve as a boss in the Nightless Castle fortress.


From the eight close-aides, he is quite innately good and a harmless person. However, because of being a shut-in, the moment you step into his ‘territory’, you will face a trascendental attack that even hell would be lukewarm. He has a 100% hit rate with a bow and has abnormal eyes. The arrows that are shot with his godly eyes that are practically seeing the future, it was difficult to evade even for max value Players. In this world, you could even say that the moment he shoots, your death is assured. 


Level ?

Health: ?

Vitality: ?

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Speed: ?

Magic Power: ?

Magic Defense: ?

Abilities and Powers


Bow and Arrow


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