Kirisame Zero is a Avatar created by Oono Akira of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


A man that’s wearing white clothes. he looked like a warrior with light on his back, but those clothes of his had strange writings engraved that were so strange it even felt ominous. “Peerless Under the Heavens.” “First Class Fighter.” “World’s Strongest.” It was a line up of characters that would make people frown. At the back of the clothes that had writings here and there, there’s a silver dragon drawn on it, and the person himself had his hair dyed in silver.


Zero is extremely proud and arrogant bragging about being the best. He is filled with pure wrathful over the actions of Grand Empire. He is a declared enemy of the grand empire controlled by Hakuto Kunai.
Zero can be likened to a Berserker during battle, he feels great joy in a good fight. Zero has a huge sense of justice and cannot ignore weak people being abused by the strong, especially women and children. Despite his arrogant personality he is shy about direct contact with women.


He is another Avatar created by Oono Akira. Akira played as Zero for 10 years, playing the role of a gallant delinquent.


Zero is a powerful melee fighter capable of defeating a superior demon without much difficulty.


Level 1

Health: 165
Vitality: 300
Attack: 7 (+85)
Defense: 7 (+73)
Speed: 8 (+80)
Magic Power: 0
Magic Defense: 0 (+55)

Abilities and Powers

Attribute Skills

First Skill – Kenpou
Second Skill – Close Combat
Third Skill – Final Phoenix

Battle Skill

Enmity, Hold Back, etc.

Survival Skill

Sewing, etc.

Decisive Battle Skills


Special Ability – Fury Dance

Only the team that has been set with Enmity will have all their stats increase explosively. 
Everyone aside from that won’t see any effects. 
The Enmity team that is the target of this has a limit of 3 charges per day.


  • Barehanded Battle
  • Silver Dragon Battle Clothes
  • The motorcycle 750RS (Z2)

Weapon: Barehanded Battle
Plain fists.
Durability: Infinite.

Armor: Silver Dragon Battle Clothes
Battle clothes with a silver dragon on his back.
In the game it was a rare armor with special abilities, so its defensive capability is nonexistent. 
The many characters engraved in the clothes can only be described with the single word: bizarre.
Durability: Infinite.

Item in Possession – 750RS (Z2)
The motorcycle that Zero rides.
It is far faster than a carriage and it can easily go far distances. 
When moving in the game, you consume vitality, but this item has the effect of reducing the consumption.


  • Although Akira says that Zero's actions are shameful, he himself acts similar to Zero many times without realizing it.
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