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This article contains information beyond anime broadcast which includes official informations from the original light novel, anime and the manga adaptation.

Angel White is a Holy Maiden of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


Beautiful beyond all compare, White is a highly attractive woman with long, pink hair and pink eyes. often referred to as a perfect woman. White also has big breasts, her body is desired by men and envied by other women.

Her hair, eyes, lips, they all have a light pink color, and even the aura that covers her body feels divine. That beauty of hers is one that’s hard to believe it is from this world.


Oldest of the three Holy Maidens, White is a deeply religious person. White is innocent and straightforward. White also has a strong sense of justice. A kind girl that puts the people as the number one priority.  White is the only normal Holy Maiden, and it is the last remain of the Holy Light Country’s conscience.

White has a habit of jumping to Conclusions based on assumptions. She was certain that Kunai had manipulated her sister's mind with magic, and that he was planning an invasion of the Holy Light Country, then with little evidence she assumed that Kunai was the angel Lucifer.

White is also a pure and very innocent girl, as she was shy to realize that she had given and received an indirect kiss on Kunai. White is also weak in talking to strong-minded people like Kunai and Tahara, when scolded by Tahara for not doing a job she had not registered for, she did it because she forgot what her goal was, that was also because no one had ever spoken to her like that.


Volume 01

Volume 02


White can utilize a few of the Miracles that the Cherub left.


Level 14

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: 3
Defense: 5 (+20)
Speed: 4
Magic Power: 20 (+20)
Magic Defense: 20 (+20)


Weapon: The Holy Staff of Omega

One of the legendary weapons. On top of its powerful stats, this holy staff can store up magic and perform a particular miracle.

Armor: Congregational Robe of Omega

A venerated garment blessed by the Seraph. Boasts extremely powerful Defense and Magic Defense.

Angel’s Halo

It is an armor piece that’s equipped on the head. The Angel’s Halo is just as the name states, a shining halo that floats in the air gently. It has trash defense of +2, but it is cute, so many female players would equip it just for the looks.

It was a gift from Kunai that caused a misunderstanding by everyone in Holy Light Country.


  • Angel White is compared like an angel falling from the sky
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