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This article contains information beyond anime broadcast which includes official informations from the original light novel, anime and the manga adaptation.

Aku is the female protagonist of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


Her appearance has been described as androgynous, Aku has long bangs, with a portion of it covering left side of her face. She was born with heterochromia in her eyes, one red and one green. 



Because of her heterochromia, she was even more of a bullying target. Her parents died from disease at an early age, and this only spurred the persecution of the whole village. 

She was forced to do the disgusting tasks in the village such as getting rid of trash and human waste, however she didn't complain as she just wanted to be helpful. 

She originally met Kunai after the villagers sent her into the forest to be sacrificed to the devil king. 



Level 1

Health: 10/10

Vitality: 20

Attack: 1

Defense: 1

Speed: 1

Magic Power: 1

Magic Defense: 1

Abilities and Powers

  • Survival Skill: Heroine.
    A rare skill in the game. 
    Its chance of activation is a low 3%, but it allows the skill owner to have Kunai nullify all kinds of attacks.
    In the game, it could nullify all finishing attacks, and there were cases where the Heroine skill owners were able to make big turnarounds. The ones who have this skill would look at Kunai like a lifesaving God, and for the opponent, it would look like they were in the very depths of hell.


Personal Belongings: Soap (Grand Empire Brand)
The soaps in this world are things made from natural manufacturing methods and ingredients, but because the people like nobles, rich, and prostitutes buy them at high prices, it rarely circulates to the general populace. 
The ‘Grand Empire’ brand soap of the highly advanced power nation that ruled over most of the world has incredible techniques used in the making of it, and it has so much of a difference that it would be stupid to even compare the two of them.

Personal Belongings: Bath Towel (Grand Empire Brand)
The Grand Empire showed vulgar levels of pickiness and craftsman ability in many fields, and even a bath towel had many quirks placed in it. 
This bath towel had such a softness that people would even say: ‘They used fabric softener on it, right?’, and its absorption had no rival.

Armor: Cloth Clothing
Nonexistent defense. 
However, since she was going to be sacrificed to the Devil King, she was made to wear clothes that in the standards of the village could be said to be great. There’s cases where the poor would wear things made from hemp.


  • Aku means "Evil" in Japanese. Kunai notes the irony of this as he is a demon lord and is accompanied by evil.
  • When Kunai is trying to figure out what Aku should call him in public she suggests "papa".
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