Akira Oono is creator and administrator of the Infinity Game of the series Maou-sama, Retry!


Brown hair, brown eyes, and a common face that doesn't draw attention. Its appearance is in every sense normal.


In terms of category, he would be considered an ordinary person, but when he decides on something, he has quite the guts. He has been trained by long gaming experience and a life as a working adult, so he is incredibly skilled at being a capable actor in a variety of situations.


He created the Infinite Game, and for 15 years remained a administrator and player, with termination of the game server contract Akira Oono was transported to another world in the body of Last Boss Hakuto Kunai.


He created Infinite Game that remained popular for 15 years before its inevitable end. Every system and settings in the game was created by him, but he paid others to do the graphics.


Avatars and Game


  • He and Kunai (original personality) have in common that both are atheists. If Akira was asked what is god, he would say he doesn't exist, while Kunai would say "This is me"
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