Fujisaki Akane is the NPC created by Akira Oono of the series Maou-sama, Retry!.


Akane is a girl with black eyes and short dark hair. She boasts an athletic physique, with well proportioned breasts.

In Infinity Game she wears a Chinese dress, in the new world she wears a school uniform.  


Akane is of the same age as Ren, but she is completely opposite of Ren who is calm and composed; she is like a sun. Putting it bluntly, she is an idiot that doesn’t think.

Akane likes anime, manga, and games; a severe case of otaku. If she were to learn that she is in a parallel world, there’s no doubt she would be the one who would get the happiest.


Fujisaki Akane was created by Akira Oono to serve as a boss in the Nightless Castle fortress.

Light Novel

Volume 03

After the attack of a mysterious enemy in the city of labyrinth prison, Kunai decides to summon another assistant.

Initially he decides for Ren Miyaouji, but he decides to abandon the idea because Ren is as smart as Tahara and Yuu, he decides that it can be dangerous to have three geniuses around because they can discover the truth about Kunai, decides that it is better to summon one of the list idiot. So he summons Akane Fujisaki because her is an idiot and also because she can be used for espionage.

After being summoned and receiving Kunai's explanation that they are in a fantasy world, Akane comes to the conclusion that if Kunai was summoned to be the Demon King, she was summoned to be the Hero.


In terms of battle style, she is close combat. For some reason she wears a Chinese dress and uses tonfas to fight. Her speed is the best even within the close-aides.


Level ?

Health: ?

Vitality: ?

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Speed: ?

Magic Power: ?

Magic Defense: ?

Abilities and Powers




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