Third Skill Thunderclap

Attribute Skill, Battle Skill, Survival Skill and Special Ability are fighting skills used by Infinity Game players and NPCs. They are considered as one of the powers alongside Magic, Angelic Miracles and Dragonic Powers, are often confused with this power by the inhabitants of the New World.


Infinity Game's skills were created by Akira Oono, to be used by Players and NPCs, they originally had no effect in the real world before Akira was summoned to the new world as Hakuto Kunai.

In the new world, its effect is often confused with magic, although those who can use magic like Queen and Oluit may differentiate them by not feeling magical power in its effects.

Just like magic and martial arts from the new world, they consume Vitality, some have limited usage per day, and others are unlimited as long as there is Vitality.


In the game it was possible to obtain skills by killing opponents or by executing certain actions in play. The applications of game skills are vast, ranging from altering one's physical prowess, resistance, strengthening weapons, to even the application of special penalties on opponents, reducing their strength and resistance, or increasing their own strength according to some characteristic of the opponent.

The capacity and potency of a skill varied according to its rarity, and the more powerful the more "Vitality" it would consume.

List of Abilities, Powers and User

Combat in the Game was generally comprised of players collecting skills to form their own selection and chaining them into combos. In addition to normal attacks, there were Chain Attacks that could be used after reaching a certain skill level, elemental and nonelemental skills, Revenge Attacks, special abilities. The right combination could produce astronomical damage. It had been said in the game that the best players could even kill a god.

Equipped Skills

These can be activated at will, upon the first attack against an enemy. A hellish chain attack that combos from a player’s First to Second to Third skills. In the game, while it was powerful, it used up most of the user’s weapon stock, making it a double-edged sword. If the weapon was a gun, it would empty the magazine. In a heated battlefield, it wasn’t uncommon to die while trying to reload.

  • Hakuto Kunai
    • First Skill Assault \ Charge: His hand moved too fast for the naked eye to follow, threw a knife into the opponent, was able to kill several Sand Wolves in one hit.
    • Second Skill Blind \ Eye Gouge: In a flash, the right hand drew a straight, horizontal line in the air, slashing the eyes of every opponent in the vicinity. Shards began to flow from the left hand: a sand-like substance created by the Empire that impeded the vision of nearby enemies for half a minute.
    • Third Skill Thunderclap \ Supersonic:The knife in the right hand danced in a flurry, chopping up countless opponent with each wave of the arm. Finally, the he forcefully threw the knife into the middle of the enemies. A shockwave erupted upon landing, erupting a giant pillar of flame.
  • Zero Kirisame
    • First Skill Kenpou \ Kung Fu: A straight punch as fast as a lightning bolt.
    • Second Skill Close Combat: User dives into the crowd of opponents, unleashing a flurry of countless kicks, concluded by a full force kick.
    • Third Skill Phoenix Fall: With a ferocious three consecutive punches followed by a final one into the ground, a blast of energy took the form of a dragon as it carried of the opponent away towards the horizon. Zero was able to carry around 30 Satanists.
  • Kirino Yuu
    • First Skill Bomb Knowledge: Yuu throws grenades into the sky, the grenades that were thrown high into the sky activated the First Skill, [Bomb Knowledge] and 15-25 damage was added.
    • Second Skill Scatter: Divides the grenades into several dozen.
    • Third Skill Chain Explosion:The added damage is 30-40 damage, and this all rained overhead on the opponent, and a giant explosion was created.
  • Isami Tahara
    • First Skill Rapid-Fire: 15 additional damage.
    • Second Skill Barrage: Add 10 to 15 points of damage, 75% chance of causing arterial injury.
    • Third Skill Blind Fire: Damage x 1.5 times the ammunition loaded by the firearm, consume all the ammunition loaded.

Combat Skills

  • Hakuto Kunai
    • Conqueror / Overlord: A red aura rose from the Demon Lord’s body. As he waved his right hand, a nonelemental storm AOE blew through, dealing damage equivalent to one third of the user’s Attack stat.
    • Enlightenment / Mind’s Eye: As the Demon Lord horizontally swung his left hand, a blue aura burst and fanned out, cutting opponent. In contrast to Overlord, this skill dealt damage equivalent to one third of the user’s Defense stat.
    • Pulverize / Obliterate: A yellow aura swirled from the Demon Lord, forming a giant hammer. When the hammer struck down from the sky, a blinding shockwave struck the opponent. This was a Combat Skill that dealt one tenth of the enemy’s current HP to each of them and had a chance to add the Broken Bone status effect. The hips and legs of the enemy’s were smashed.
    • Fake Out: -10% to enemy’s Defense.
    • Pressure / Intimidate: -10% to enemy’s Defense.
    • Peerless: User’s attack and defense increase by 30%.
    • Final Judgment: An aoe attack. When a meter called JUG is filled to 100 in battle, you can activate this skill. Initial damage is 30, but when the enemy’s level is higher than yours, damage is added at a remarkable rate. For every level of difference, 8 damage is added. In the case when the enemy is 10 levels higher, it would have an 80 damage added, and it is a lethal amount of damage. With this, the higher your level is and become stronger in the game, the more of a threat this attack will be, and it is a system that allows the weak to defeat the strong. Akira Oono had created a variety of gimmicks of this sort, and made it in a way that you can’t just have an easy life in game just because you have increased levels.
    • Limit Breaker: It doubles the initial damage of Final Judgment.
    • Ruler: An exclusive skill of Kunai. Adds 40 damage to Final Judgment. The close-aides of the Nightless Castles have an ability similar to it called [Protectors of the Ruler], but this one adds 20 damage.
    • Certain Kill / One-Shot Kill: increases critical rate by 30%.
    • Forced Breakthrough: Allows passes through the skills and techniques that stop combo attacks.
  • Zero Kirisame
    • Righteous Hero: +5 Damage for every kill the target has made. Max. +50.
    • All-or-Nothing / Do or Die: Was a game-breaking skill that added 10 damage to his attack for each person his enemy had killed before. His ultimate attack, with the ceiling set extremely high at 500 damage. A opponent with countless kills on his record stood no chance against this move.
  • Isami Tahara
    • Counter: With a 50% probability, the damage received is returned to the other party.
    • Grenade: Grenade skill added 5 additional damage.
    • Lock Down: Added 10 damage.
    • Napalm: Reduced 5 in all armor point defense effect.
  • Kirino Yuu
    • Hunter: 50% chance to increase attack, defense and agility when killing a human man.
    • Cause and Effect: Increases the skill engine's rate by 10%. This is an exaggerated ability that can increase the rate of things that are good for the player by 10%, and reduce the rate of things that are not good for the player by 10%. It is a rare skill that cannot be acquired without spending a lot of SP at the game location.

Survival Skills

Skills that increase stamina and chance of survival

  • Hakuto Kunai
    • Fighting Spirit: +10% to user’s Attack and Defense.
    • Meditation: An Hp recovery skill
    • Medicine: This is a high performance skill that can completely heal all wounds with a certain probability in battle, but that ability cannot be used to treat other people.
  • Kirino Yuu
    • Record Alteration: Originally a skill that would reset her own Kill Count. Of course, this was to defend against powerful attacks like Sense of Justice and All-or-Nothing. But because in this world everything including the background details of the world are applied, the uses increase explosively. A skill that can alter memories. You can become an angel or a demon with this.
  • Isami Tahara
    • Pickpocket / Sticky Fingers: Have a chance to steal an opponent's equipment.
    • Mysterious Thief / Phantom Thief: Have a chance to steal an opponent's equipment.
    • Swift: Combined with Sticky Fingers and Phantom Thief to steal an opponent's weapon the moment it attacks.

Decisive Battle Skills

  • Hakuto Kunai
  • Sword of the Broken Army: Everyone in their own line of sight, including themselves, can gain +22 points of attack, defense, and agility.

Special Ability

  • Hakuto Kunai
    • Administrator Rights
    • Shadow Edge: The shadow that seemed to extend from the feet quickly turned around at a speed as fast as thunder. And it looked like death was wielding a sickle. This is the exclusive ability of the demon king. It is the last attack in the series of attacks. The damage caused is only 50 points that is not too high, but the attack range is extremely wide, and it also has the effect of knockback.
  • Kirino Yuu
    • God Hand: This ability ‘can exterminate all kind of illnesses and cure wounds’, which cannot be described as anything but a cheat.
    • The Reality of Infinite Birth and 90% Oblivion: This is a special hell ability that has a 10% chances of increasing attack, defend, and agile +2 when she is attacked. Yuu is strengthening herself unlimitedly, and there is no upper limit to her ability to improve. If you want to wrestle the witch, you must knock her down with several attacks that are extremely harmful. If you can't do it, it will just be a crazy dream. In a large number of offensive and defensive battles, her ability value occasionally came to 600 or 800 and caused her to kill all the people who approached.
  • Isami Tahara
    • Genius:?
    • Noisy Strom: Creates the effect of heavy rain, squalls, and local typhoons made up of bullets. It seems that the bullets that have been blown up by small cities can be shot out. Compared to the special ability, this one-shot shooting increases the damage by 15 to 25 points.


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